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Fish the Frenzy Charters is owned and operated by Naples native Captain Charles Aikey. Captain Charles has over 20 years’ experience fishing Naples and Marco Island. We specialize in back county fishing targeting Redfish, Snook, Trout, and Tarpon. Captain Charles runs a 22 ft Tournament Edition Pathfinder bay boat.

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The past couple months have been extremely good fishing in Marco Island, Florida. The big snook are coming out of the back country as the water heats up. I love to target this big breeder snook with live mullet or pilchard (white bait). When targeting these fish in the mangroves, I look for water movement […]

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Captain Charles,

Thanks for another great trip. I wish the wind wasn’t blowing so hard so the fly fishing would have been easier to see them. But hey that’s fishing. But at least we were still able to get on them with the spin rods. I have a buddy from my fishing club that wants to come down and fish with you. I pass your info over to him. Well thanks again and I can’t wait to see the video we took. Thanks again Charles and take care!

Lyttelton, South Africa

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Jack Smith

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John Doe
New York

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